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What a waste of time plus money! It seems like every 3 years there are major changes at our office building plus I am legitimately getting sick of it.  The people I was with and I are always having to pack up boxes, put them in storage, plus disrupt our space because the boss decided to “upgrade” something.  This time the two of us will be crammed into a smaller space for more than 2 weeks while they update the HVAC duct in the ceilings. They are replacing the outdated boxy metal ducts with thinner channels.  These are meant to increase the PSI of airflow plus allow the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning plan to job less. The increased airflow will force the change of temperature happen faster. I guess it’s supposed to make the entire plan run more efficiently but, the fact that the two of us are once again being disrupted, doesn’t seem to be worth it.  Our boss always seems to think that he’s making our lives better by making these changes to our job space, our laptop systems, or our schedules, if only he would leave things as they are for longer than several months it would be great. I have decided that I am going to put feelers out to see if I can find a peculiar position with another dealer that has a little more stability in their practices, but at least working where I am currently my salary is great however the mental plus physical frustration section makes that seem less pressing too. Is hard for some people to accept change to begin with however when it happens on a major scale it can be downright impossible.  I feel that I have almost reached that limit.

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