Depleted air quality

Last month, I was in the basement doing my laundry and I started to get a terrible headache.  I don’t get headaches too often. My husband knew there had to be something amiss. I went upstairs and the air conditioned cooling helped to ease the headache, so I wasn’t all that concerned about it.  My husband walked upstairs and he said that he too was getting a headache and sore throat. I told him it had to be in the air somehow, and it was depleting the air purity. He went on a quest to see what could cause the air quality in the basement to be so horrible when normally it is quite fresh down there.  He took a peek at the water heating system looking for leaks because it is gas heated. He was worried that carbon monoxide could be escaping and that would ruin the air quality. The next day, he was still on the search of the reason for the ugly air quality. He decided to phone the Heating & Air Conditioning business.  They came in to have a look at the furnace and then the air conditioning system unit. They came upstairs and asked when the last time both of us had the air ducts cleaned. I couldn’t remember and neither did my husband. He decided to have our air ducts cleaned. Apparently an animal had crawled into the air duct and died.  Although both of us hadn’t caught a whiff of the stink, it was ruining our air quality and it was causing me to have headaches. We told the HVAC tech about the sore throats and he said that could also have been a symptom of the awful air quality.

duct cleaning