Dehumidifier cuts cost of air conditioning

Living down south, air conditioning is a part of life.

My central cooling system runs for approximately ten months out of the year.

Despite investing more for a high-efficiency, Energy Star rated air conditioner, my monthly electric bills are a concern. There’s also the problem of excess humidity. The high moisture content in the air makes the house feel sticky and overheated. Lowering the thermostat simply puts strain on the air conditioner and leads to overcooling. The air conditioner isn’t designed to handle humidity, and I end up paying expensive energy bills. The house is too cold and yet still clammy. High humidity levels cause a whole bunch of problems. Dust mites, mold, mildew, algae and bacteria thrive in moist conditions and can damage wood furnishings, musical instruments, books, paintings and even clothing. There’s also a health risk. Breathing in mold spores is a good way to end up with a respiratory infection. The solution is a whole-home dehumidifier that works with the central cooling system. While portable units are a lot of work and can only handle one room at a time, a whole-home version maintains ideal humidity levels in every room. The unit incorporates into the air handler, operates almost silently and only needs attention once per year. Most dehumidifiers allow for customized settings to accommodate personal preference. The unit draws excess moisture out of the air, making it feel much cooler. I was able to raise the thermostat setting by several degrees and yet my house is more comfortable. I’m also very happy about spending less on energy bills.

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