Dealing with lazy house owners

Being an HVAC repairman for several years has led me to meet a huge amount of people from all walks of life. That is one thing about HVAC repair, everyone might have different faiths or moral standards, but everyone needs there heating and cooling unit fixed up once in a while! The other day however, I was sent on a repair call and I met a couple that truly baffled me with their sheer sense of laziness and entitlement. The couple that was living in this house couldn’t have been any older than thirty, and as soon as I walked in and greeted them I could tell they acted like they were no older that eighteen. Instead of shaking my hand and telling me where the broken down heating and cooling unit was, they just pointed to the living room and then got back to playing around on their phones! I don’t take it the wrong way the home owners aren’t much for small talk whenever I am at the house working on their system, but this was just plain rude! After about twenty minutes checking over the unit I realized that this system was in much worse shape than I was told. I walked over and asked one of them when was the last time this heating and cooling unit was cleaned by a professional, and he just looks at me with a blank face and says

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