deadly exhaust

I kept seeing advertisements from local companies selling carbon monoxide detectors.  They were almost to the point of annoying. I get that they are important, and even required, in many homes but I just didn’t want to spend the extra money on them.  If they are so important I figured that there should be some sort of give away from the energy company or government. Then, I heard a news story that completely changed my life.  A neighbor, only a few blocks away,had lost their little boy to carbon monoxide poisoning. This was heartbreaking!. They had put him to bed that night and in the morning he was gone. His bedroom was at the far end of the house and apparently had its own HVAC unit. The family had not had the unit serviced for several years and there was a leak in the exhaust system.  People die each year as a result of this odorless gas and now I realize that it is very important to have working detectors in the home. It is just as important as smoke detectors and they can save lives. I can’t imagine the guilt that the neighbors are experiencing due to the loss that they have had. If they had just had the HVAC unit serviced and checked for leaks, or, had a working carbon monoxide detector, their precious little boy would still be here.  Both maintaining your HVAC system and keeping your family safe should be the top priority of any homeowner or landlord. If you own rental property you should always provide these valuable detectors to your tenants too.

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