Cutting down the humidity

One of my favorite things I enjoy in the warm season, as well as I am not at all embarrassed to admit it, is to go to the theatre. Ironic isn’t it? The weather abruptly becomes nice as well as I want to spend my time indoors. I happen to not be a fan of tepid weather. I like the cold. So in the Winter season I am more active outside than in the warm season. And when it gets tepid as well as sticky out, I like to do activities that take myself and others indoors. To the nice temperature controlled theatre I go… Generally the performances are a couple hours long. I am perfectly pleased to rest as well as bask in the glow of the a/c in my little velvet seat. My husband will ac supplier myself and others to these affairs, as well as the people I was with and I will usually find a nice spot to eat before or afterward. There was a time, but, when the place the people I was with and I opted to go to eat was unluckily devoid of air conditioning. It was after the play. Every one of us had walked across the street from the theatre to a little place that had gotten fantastic reviews. When the people I was with and I walked in, the atmosphere was lovely except for the lack of a/c. I instantly asked the Maitre D about the air conditioning situation as well as he confirmed that the diner did not have a/c on in the building that evening because of how nice the weather was outside. I was instantly skeptical. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like their food, seeing as the people didn’t even have enough sense to turn the air conditioning on. Surely I did not want the cook to be perspiring all over my food. As if studying my mind, the Maitre D mentioned in his rapid flow of conversation that the family room was the only section that worked on air conditioning constantly. Nearly year round, in fact. The heat was so extreme, it was necessary. According to him, anyway. I couldn’t help thinking to myself that what was necessary was keeping the guest’s from perspiring their faces off while they eat.

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