Cut arm badly

All HVAC companies are not the same. All HVAC companies do not provide the same services, fees, and friendly Services. I’ve been working in the HVAC industry for almost 15 years, and I have seen everything. Most of the time, we work on a system that was installed by a different company. Sometimes, these systems have not been properly set up. Sometimes they are falling apart, and they don’t always meet the proper safety guidelines and regulations. A few months ago, my partner and I were working on an HVAC residential problem. We were attempting to install a new blower motor on the HVAC unit. When I reached my hand into the system, I sliced my arm open on a jagged piece of metal. There shouldn’t be any sharp metal inside of the machine. I felt the blood drip down my arm in an instant. I pulled my arm out of the unit, and I had a 7in dash down the side of my left arm. I had to leave the HVAC job to go to the emergency room. They sewed up my arm with seventeen stitches. I also received a tetanus shot. I was too drugged up on painkillers to return to the job site. My partner took a few pictures of the problematic HVAC unit. He also took pictures of the jagged metal. We still have to fix the problem with the unit, and we don’t need any other employees with injuries. During my 15 years on the job, this cut was the most serious injury. I’ll probably need a few days to heal, before I can safely return to HVAC repairs.

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