Customized settings are important

My current home is both absolutely big and absolutely old, with high ceiling, lots of windows, and 2 stories.  Despite a whole bunch of renovation, the beach house is difficult to heat and cool. There are rooms that tend to heat up in the summertime, and others that are respectfully freezing in the Wintertime.  Because of the size of the house, lots of rooms are completely unused and others are often empty. The current home is equipped with a forced air furnace, central air conditioner, and duct system, with registers in all of the rooms.  When I first moved in, there was a single temperature control located in the living room. The temperature control reacted to conditions in the living room, maintaining that a single room to the ideal temperature. This means that all of the empty and unused rooms were also kept at the perfect temperature.  If I wanted to sizzle up those freezing spaces or cool down those overheated rooms, I needed to alter the temperature in the entire house, forcing the heating/cooling plan to task much harder. My biweekly energy costs were ungodly high, and the current home wasn’t all that comfortable. I finally hired a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor to update my heating/cooling component to zoned control.  A series of valves was installed into the air duct which allows myself and others to target heated or cooled air to certain rooms. Each room is equipped with an independent temperature control, providing customized settings for each space. Family members can now make adjustments according to personal preference, and I have significantly trimmed expenses. Plus, there’s a lot less wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner.  

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