Custom window treatments

One of the best features of my house is the windows.

They are extremely large and open up the house to a gorgeous view of the lake surrounded by woods.

When we first moved in, the house was terribly outdated. The former owners had not done any major renovations in a long time. All of the windows were covered with heavy, hideous draperies. The curtain rods were rusty and unattractive. My husband and I immediately tore them all down. I thought that purchasing new would be no problem. I started at the big department stores and found nothing. Not only was I unhappy with the fabrics and patterns but I couldn’t meet the unique dimensions of my windows. With no curtains, our house was like living in a giant fishbowl. I was at the point of hanging bed sheets over the windows when my mother recommended a custom furniture shop. I was surprised to learn that the shop offers more than just furniture building. They specialize in bed linens, pillows, carpets and window treatments. They sent a design specialist right to my house who took measurements of all the windows and discussed my vision. She asked questions that I hadn’t considered. She wanted to know what time of day and how we utilize each room. She took note of the eastern and western windows and the views from each. We then chose how much light we wanted to allow in and specific fabrics. The custom furniture shop created rod, curtains and blinds specifically tailored to optimize the benefits of each window.


Classic elegance