Custom designed kitchen makes better use of the space

When my husband and I retired, we moved south and bought a smaller house on the lake.

The house was within our price range because it was in need of a great deal of renovations. One of my priorities was the kitchen. I enjoy cooking and baking and it’s important that I have good quality appliances and plenty of counter space. In my new home, I was a bit limited on square footage and needed to fully utilize the opportunities of the space. I started at the big home improvement stores, working with their kitchen design teams. I was extremely disappointed. These people obviously had no specialized knowledge and had no inspired ideas. Every design they came up with left a significant amount of wasted space. I realized they were limited by standard cupboard sizes. I finally sought out a custom furniture craftsman, explained my requirements and offered the dimensions of the kitchen. We collaborated together, and he offered some really creative ideas. Because of the ability to customize the build of the cabinets, we were able make better use of the space. He included features such as a hidden cutting board, recessed drawers inside the cabinets and lazy susans in the corners. Every cabinet was built from hardwood to specifications. While the renovation of the kitchen was much more expensive than originally intended, I think it was worth it. I am totally satisfied with the result. My kitchen is not only beautiful but functional. It doesn’t feel cramped and yet I have plenty of workspace and everything I need.

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