Cross country traveler

I am a traveling salesman.  I don’t have to carry a lot of wares with me, but I do sell insurance policies to different companies.  I mostly work with 401K plans, so this makes my workload light. Since I don’t have a lot to carry with me, I usually go with the bus for my  mode of transportation. I always used to like the bus, especially when I don’t need to go long distances. If I can’t take the bus, I will opt to take my car.  I hate flying, so I avoid getting in a plane as often as I can. I don’t like sitting so close to other people that I don’t know. If I take my car, I need to pay for my own expenses.  I take the bus most often, but lately I have been noticing that the air quality is greatly diminished. A couple months ago, we were having some really cold weather. The heating wasn’t working and I asked the driver if we could get more heating in the back.  He told me the thermostat was cranked as high as it could go. I was sitting next to heavier man who had on a coat that was even worse. I barely fit into the seat beside him. When summer came around, the air conditioning barely worked. It was so hot and stuffy in the bus that I could barely breathe.  It didn’t help that I was sitting next to someone who was sweating right through his clothing. His perspiration smelled very rank and mixed with his cologne, it was less than pleasant. I don’t think the bussing companies care much about their passengers, or they would get better heating and air conditioning on their busses.

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