Creating My Own HVAC Zone Control

I wanted to find a nice and cheap way to be able to have HVAC zone control in my house.

This wasn’t something easy at first, before I really thought of the concept of HVAC zone control.

Then after thinking about it I realised…who said that HVAC zone control has to be done through a zoned HVAC unit? I could create my own HVAC zone control for much cheaper if I just thought old school style! I went out and I bought some portable space heaters, a few ductless mini split air conditioning systems, and one single window air conditioning unit. I ended up spending a little under two thousand dollars on all of this heating and cooling equipment. But, that sure beats the almost ten thousand dollars I would have to spend on both a zoned HVAC system and several thermostats! What I did, was hooked up and mounted the ductless mini split air conditioning systems in 2 different rooms and my living room of the house, then I placed the window air conditioning unit in my bedroom window. This took care of my air conditioning needs with the ability to set different temperatures in every room. Then, I took 3 space heaters and set them up in neat places in my living room, then one space heater per room in the others. Now I have my heating zone control! I have been doing this for a full year now, and I can certainly say, I have great HVAC zone control home made in my house! Not to mention, my electric bills have been nice!

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