Coworker slept at work – nice AC

The other day I was talking with my co-workers about the ways that we try to save money.

Personally, I never eat out of the house.

I always make my meals in my own kitchen so I can control the costs, the calories, and the nutrition. I also refuse to buy things at retail cost. I am happy to buy things from the thrift store and garage sales second hand to save significantly. Not everybody is is dedicated as I am when it comes to saving money. However, it turned out that one of my co-workers is way more extreme than I ever could have imagined. We are talking about lowering our HVAC usage in order to save on our energy expenditure each month. I mentioned that I had a smart thermostat so I could use the advanced temperature control programming to fully automate my heating and cooling systems in accordance with my daily schedule. This was saving me a great deal of money each week. However, I was still complaining about how intensively I needed to operate the air conditioning system to cool my house down at night. I love to have an extremely cold sleeping environment, so my AC takes a beating around 9 pm. I simply haven’t found a solution to this temperature preference of mine. My coworker chimed in and told me he felt the same. The only difference was, he had a great solution for saving on AC despite his cold preferences. Rather than utilizing his own air conditioning unit at home, he would spend the night at work curled up under his desk. He was getting by on Free Company air conditioning.

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