Could I have a different system?

When my wifey and I were purchasing a apartment all of us picked 1 that was in a beautiful neighborhood, but all the homes looked exactly the same, then the only difference is that some homes have a seventh floor, while others have an addition to the back with an extra residing room, however both of us decided to purchase the 1 with the seventh floor, while all of us love our home, I often found myself wishing all of us had more residing section on the first floor. After talking it through all of us decided all of us wanted to build addition onto the back of the home. There is a lot more job that goes into an addition than all of us had planned for… Not only do you need to attach the room to your existing space, however you also need to add things such as lighting, electrical, and duct work. When it came to our existing heating and cooling unit, all of us doubted that it would be able to make the room comfortable. Both of us also didn’t want to go through the hassle of adding additional air duct. After extensive research, all of us decided to go with a mini split plan for the addition. The mini split plan is a ductless heat pump and cooling system plan that mounts on the existing wall! It was a much cheaper option for us and absolutely worked out for the best. The split plan is severely energy-efficient and saves us from having to add additional air duct, and it also saved us from having to completely replace the plan in order to heat and cool the new square footage. The ductless unit is barely visible and only required a tiny hole to be drilled into the wall, making it a whole lot easier to install. With the stress of renovations, it was nice to have something so reliable.

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