Could Be Worse

My kids love going to those places with the indoor playgrounds and the arcade games where you can win prizes and tickets. Since those places are super expensive, I take my kids there maybe once every nine months or so. Plus I hate it in those places! They are so crowded and I think they’re super germy. I always feel like my kids are always going to get sick every time that we go inside the building. The indoor air quality inside of those places is never very good, if you want to know the truth. The last time that we went, I noticed that the indoor air quality in the building was even worse than usual. It was cold outside, and so they had the heating turned up really high. It was so hot in there that I could barely breathe and I know that all of that heating was also a breeding ground for germs. Every single time I go there I feel like they’ve either got the heating programmed wrong or the air conditioning programmed wrong. It’s either always way too hot in the wintertime or it’s way too cold in the summertime in that place. They just can’t seem to get it together in the heating and cooling department. But at least they have good pizza, I guess. It could be worse. Hey, I guess they could have terrible heating and cooling, bad indoor air quality, and bad pizza too! So I guess I should just be happy that the pizza isn’t terrible. Even if I have to sit under a burning hot heating vent while I eat it.

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