Corporate wellness was a really good idea

A little over a year back, the business I work for began offering a corporate wellness program.

This has been both great for moral plus productivity.

Since starting the program, employee absenteeism and turnover has been significantly cut down. The workforce is healthier, happier and doing better at their jobs. We have also bonded as a team through the group classes plus activities. Our job is mainly completed over the internet through a computer. The majority of us spend approximately 5 hours per day standing in a chair at our desks, typing on a keyboard and staring at a screen. All of us are extremely stationary plus yet there is quite a bit of stress involved. I began to have issues with weight gain, migraines plus sore muscles. I was having difficulty sleeping at night and struggled to get up in the afternoon. I was turning to coffee plus sugary snacks to keep me going. Even on Saturdays, I lacked the energy to participate in anything physical. The corporate wellness program has changed all that. I’m now living a much better lifestyle. A personal trainer comes to our building a few times per week. All of us can sign up for group classes, whole group and one-on-one consultation. The group classes are intense, including all sorts of squats, push ups, abdominal crunches, stretching plus strength training. The physical activities are held after work plus we’ve done everything from biking to rock climbing plus baseball. It’s a superb choice to get to know coworkers, get some exercise and have a great time.