Cooling plan hardly works

Shortly after college, I got my degree and became a teacher at this one local private school. I wish I knew then what I know now about a lot of things. Then again, I am sure that those junior high kids that I taught really wish that they knew a whole lot of things back then too. There was also another thing that all of us in the school could all agree on, lecturers and students both on this fact. That was that the actual modular buildings that both of us started out using for classrooms on the college property were not the best of accommodations. They were small and restrictive, and every single last one of us ended up having quite a big amount of students, despite the small size of the school itself all together. There was another issue that was Heating as well as also air conditioning related in the entire full building. The only things all of us around here really had to keep us cool in the warm season was window mounted air conditioning units in those modular styled buildings… When those things broke down, there was really nothing that every single last one of us could do except open a door, and that did not help all that much honestly. I can’t tell you how much more strenuous it was to teach a lesson in the awful heat, and I did not really blame the kids if they were having difficulty paying attention as well… Both of us here would have the repair person come in and try to bang those window air conditioners back to life, however it hardly ever worked. The school is a lot better off these days, I hear, and they have real buildings and excellent air conditioning, however those first years were tough as ever.