Cooling off in Summer

Wading through a creek or dipping your toes in a cool lake in the middle of summer is pure happiness to me.  The cooling it gives to a hot fatigued body is not only relaxing but rejuvenating as well. The feeling and how it eases the rest of your body is the image I use when I’m driving home from work in my truck with a broken cooling system.  And the creek I’m thinking about is the “creek” of fresh air conditioned air that I get when I walk into my house. The HVAC system and it’s wonderful cooling ability remind me of that cooling water. Air conditioning is worth its weight in gold when it feels like a furnace outside.  To feel the cooling air waft down from the air ducts in the ceiling takes me right back to that cooling water of the creek. This is how I expect to feel each day when I get home, so when I walked in and there was no cooling slap in the face from my HVAC system, I was close to tears. I stood there thinking what an idiot I was for not having the HVAC corporation come out and tune up my cooling system before summer started  I also tried to conjure that cooling image of the creek however it wasn’t working. The heat in my place was unbearable.I called the local HVAC company and had them send the repair person as soon as possible. I waited by the window for the van and ran to the technician to thank him when he arrived. I told him I needed my “creek cooling” back as soon as possible, he just looked at me funny and got to work.