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A fine friend of mine is a huge conspiracy theorist. I mean I prefer the guy, although she thinks about the craziest most far out scenarios. He’s usually paranoid about the government plus all what they do secretly. She believes that humans are consistently being spied on plus listened to by the government. She loved to show me an article the other afternoon how someone had their “Alexa” device send out a private conversation to someone else all the way across the country, then now that truly happened, plus it made me more than a little concerned about what these smart devices could absolutely do. I absolutely utilize a smart control device which I can control via our other smart devices plus especially with our smart iphone. It has gotten to the point in our new home where our heating plus cooling plan can run on its own. There are only precious occasions when I might guess a little too humid or chilly so I just tell our “Alexa” device to set the temperature control to a certain point plus it gets done. But our friend has me thinking sometimes, what if my own Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan turns against us plus decides to overheat the new condo or freeze us to death via the a/c? Now that seems truly crazy, however after she had showed me how “Alexa” was disobeying commands plus even laughing at people at times, it seemed as if maybe this artificial intelligence could be getting out of control enjoy those science fiction films where the robots turn against humans. While I do guess enjoy things enjoy that are rather unlikely, a small area of me thinks it could possibly happen. If this technology is able to genuinely think for itself, what’s to stop it from eventually making its own decisions plus choices? I have never had any issues with our smart control device or our “Alexa” device, but I am much more careful about what I say around these devices now, as they could be recording or monitoring what I say without our proficiency.

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