Cool A/C equipment

When I worked at this little supplement store at a strip mall in town, I had this awesome neighboring store that I would check out on my breaks. I would go over there to look at all these cool electronic gadgets, many of which the store owner would offer me at a discounted rate if I promoted his business in my shop. I got my hands on a tablet, a smartphone, and even a portable air conditioner for my shop that cooled my little service desk down. That thing is still running well after two years of use, and all it takes to run is a power source and some ice. I loved the beneficial relationship with the store owner, which is what made it hurt so much more when he decided to close the doors to his business. His sales weren’t the best, and despite my attempts to help boost business, he couldn’t compete against the big-box store on the other side of the strip mall. It was a lonely couple of months, until I saw a big moving truck outside one day. I saw as guys were loading the empty store space up with boxes of cigars, tobacco, and other smoking accessories. “Oh great”, I thought, “now my store’s going to smell like cigarettes”. I was mistaken, because they were in business for the first month and I never detected a tobacco smell. Finally, I went over to check out their products one day and introduce myself. Upon entry, I was surprised to find that there wasn’t even a tobacco smell in their own shop! I asked the owner how the store smelled so clean, and he simply smiled, saying the store has an excellent air purifier installed that keeps the air pure, fresh and clean of any odor. He said it’s a must, as the products he sells have a strong smell that has to be contained. He’s been in business for over a year last I checked, and he’s still very successful with his shop. Just goes to show you that atmosphere can make or break any store!

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