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Occasionally I get way too into my own cleaning. If I suppose I can get a stain out of a carpet, I am an insane person for at least the next 24 hours with scrubbing it. I mop and wipe our walls  by hand to get them to shine. My bathroom is so spotless you could eat off the floor. This trait usually is a great quality, as far as most people are concerned, however the other afternoon it certainly came back to haunt me. I decided that the next item in the house that absolutely needed cleaning was our A/C system out in the backyard. The cooling system can get certainly dirt stuck in various different locales. There is the condensate drain that always gets nasty and blocked up with algae, then my little cooling coil can have mildew, mold and fungi growing happily on it. The air filter every month gets blocked up with tons of dust, debri, and hair. The area I certainly went to town on was the fan blades though, and what a mistake that was. My cooling system fan was disgusting. The blades had a brown tint to it due to the dust. So I took out our best cleaning products, firmly grabbed onto the blade, and scrubbed as taxing as I could. I finally got the fan to be totally spotless. I then took a step back to admire our well earned handiwork and realized I messed up our A/C system. The fan blades were suddenly all bent at bizarre angles. I destroyed them with our cleaning! I researched online about this and I realized that now I have to get a up-to-date fan. The blades are certainly fragile, they can’t be manhandled that way, and if you run the A/C with a exhausting fan the cooling system certainly gets wrecked.

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