Converting shed into a home gym

I am in the process of renovating my outdoor shed into a home gym.

It is a bit of a challenge to make the space a work out friendly environment.

First, I need to update the whole structure. The cement floors are not the best for working out. I realized that my feet, hips and back aches after exercising on such a hard surface. I have now invested in some folding mats to entirely cover the floor. Next, I had to replace the windows because they were not airtight. I was dealing with bugs, moisture, drafts and heat. I was worried the exposure would ruin my fitness equipment. I also invested in a new overhead light that is flush to the ceiling and a ductless mini split. Working out in a climate controlled environment is a game changer. Overly hot and sticky conditions cause me to feel exhausted, sluggish and I’m more apt to cut the workout short. Too chilly of conditions caused tight and stiff muscles that are more prone to injury. No matter the time of year, I am able to adjust the temperature to work out in comfort. I also invested in some shelving for storage for my free weights, wobble board and kettlebells. I use them when I do weightfliging and squats. I have installed hooks to organize sweat towels, jump ropes and my bicycle for when I want to benefit from some cardio. It was rather expensive outfitting a home gym but I was fortunate to already have the structure available. Now after all the money and time I invested, I have the ideal space. I am so thankful and happy I did it. Working out has never been so rewarding. I have made it so I can have really productive work outs whenever I have the time.

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