Controlling our cooling

My best friend plus I thought it would be great to get a place together. We were both actually working at KFC, plus we had enough currency to get a dwelling together… I actually wanted to leave from my parents’ dwelling, plus my best friend wanted to split up with his girlfriend. We had just enough funds to get a single bedroom dwelling. I slept in the living room, plus Todd slept in the bedroom! Todd actually paid an extra $100 for the rent, since he got the only bedroom. Todd plus I never would fight about anything, plus things were easily perfect. Multiple months after we got our dwelling, Todd decided to get back together with his girlfriend. Instead of moving back to their old apartment, Todd asked if Caitlin could come stay with us. I couldn’t afford to live in the home without Todd, so I agreed to this arrangement. It’s been terribly rough since Caitlin moved into our dwelling. Todd plus I are always fighting now, because Caitlin is an exhausting person. She always complains about everything, plus right now it’s the a/c appliance. Todd plus I only make a little bit of currency, so we always keep the a/c temperature control set to 74 degrees. Caitlin complains that 74 degrees is too hot, plus consistently changes the temperature on the a/c temperature control. Last month, Todd plus I spent too much currency on the energy bill. If Caitlin continues to modify the a/c temperature control, Todd plus I are really going to part ways. I loved living with Todd, until Caitlin moved in plus started causing a bunch of problems. The longer she stays here, the less I respect my good friend.

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