Conference at Hotel

We recently attended a conference at a very nice casino resort about two hours from our home in the Southeast.

We checked the local weather and anticipated the temperature being relatively close to our local temperatures and planned accordingly.

Luckily we had attended enough conferences to know to plan for the indoor temperature as well. When we arrived the temperature was around 35 degrees, with the wind chill in the twenties. Upon checking into our hotel room it was very cold. The room had a digital thermostat which I quickly adjusted to my normal home setting of 73 degrees. I was happy that we did not have one of the old fashioned wall type units that tend to be loud and breezy. Not only was our hotel room cold, the conference meeting rooms were cold also. I layered my clothing (including my socks) and was still cold. I have always heard that hot air rises and these rooms had very high ceiling, maybe twenty feet high, and that may have been part of the problem. The meeting planners provided coffee in each meeting room so of course I drank too much coffee. Also, I am sure the meeting planners like for us to stay awake during their presentations, so maybe they are trying to help keep us from falling asleep. Since I was not the only person that was very cold during our meetings, it seems that the hotel could save a lot of money by keeping the room temperature a little more comfortable for the majority of their patrons.

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