Commercial printing service helps with calendar project

My husband and his co-workers were trying to come up with a way to raise money for a good cause. Most of the guys are in good physical shape, because they are police officers. They usually walk the streets or ride a bike, because we live in a very small town. Most of the guys are buff, and we thought a calendar project could help raise money for charity. My husband and I searched for a commercial printing service to help us with the project. We interviewed a few different commercial printing services, but a local Mom and Pop shop even offered to help us by taking the pictures. They had a small studio in the back of the commercial printing shop, and they had plenty of backgrounds to choose from. They gave us a great price on a package deal, since we were working on the calendar for charity. They took all of the shots on a Saturday morning, and they sent the proofs on Sunday afternoon. When we approved all of the pictures, they sent a sketch of our calendar. All of the proof pages looked great, and I thought the photographs turned out nice. We waited for three weeks before the commercial printing service finished with all of the calendars. When we receive all of the boxes, we were very pleased with the final product. We sold all of the calendars for $20 each, and we probably could have purchased another 10 boxes from the commercial printing company. We sold every single calendar on the first day of our Telethon, and we barely had any product left for day 2.



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