Coming through the house

Before I got married I invested in my own pest control business.  My husband jumped on board to take part ownership and now it has been about four years that we have owned it together. My journey with the business working for this type of pest control service started from an internship in school years prior.. It did not take that much hands on training to be informed about the different chemicals and the way bugs react to the spraying. I found myself completely fascinated by the new career prospect. After I graduated I decided to sign up for a few college courses on entomology and chemistry. It took me about eight years, before I felt confident to start my own business. When I was finally able to branch out on my own, it was a relief. So, now my husband and I have a small company that stands to employ at least 8 additional people eventually. My pest control littles startup now has four working service vehicles. One of the older trucks has had a cooling system problem for months, which I knew about before I purchased it used. My crew has been whining about the cooling system all springtime as the temperatures were getting higher. They know that summer will be bad.. When we had our last morning staff meeting, many of the employees voiced their frustrations with this situation. That is when I was aware that it was time to service the truck’s air conditioning before my workers quit.  I had already planned on taking care of the problem, but now was the time. At first, I wanted to surprise the team by fixing the cooling system. Though, I realized that I had to tell them the service was planned for the following Friday and it wasn’t in use. Everyone was grateful to get that needed news, and that was the last complaint I heard about the cooling system that year. I also told them that we would be purchasing one brand new truck to rotate into the line up adding to our fleet. This meant hiring a couple of additional employees. We may be small, but always growing, and my partner and I could not be happier with the progress.

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