Collecting some different things

As a child, I remember my father always collecting things. He probably would have been considered a hoarder, but we just thought of him as a collector instead. I remember him working on furnaces for some extra cash. By trade he was an auto body mechanic. He was incredibly skilled at repairing things, and would do so for all the broken things that people would bring to him. He got started in what became a lucrative venture, by repairing a furnace for one of his friends. That was back in a time when you didn’t need to be certified or have a fancy license to repair heating and air conditioning equipment. Over time, dad amassed quite a lot of old furnace pieces and parts. I thought he just wanted to have a stockpile of spares, but it really became a compulsion for him. Whenever we would visit a yard sale or flea market, he would rummage through the tables looking for old and broken furnace parts. He has since passed away from a stroke, and my sister and I were shocked at how much stuff he had in that old shed out back when we finally cleaned it out. We called around to the junkyards and repair shops, but ended up hiring a liquidator to handle his estate and help determine the value of it all. Turns out he had about $40,000 in antiques parts. After the whole thing was settled, there was plenty left over to cover his expenses.

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