Closing off air vent and cleaning with bleach

One of these days I am going to kill myself cleaning the tub.

I hate when mold forms around the drain and corners of the tub.

I hate the soap scum on the sides and the dirt welded to the floor of it. I then have enough of it and get out my tools. I have bleach and tons of cleaners that all contain some portion of bleach. I have a heavy duty scrub brush and towels to mop up my work. I don’t want the bleach to get into my indoor air quality and make the whole home reek. So what I do is close the air vent in the bathroom. The smell then stays in the area. I close the door so no odors will leak out that way either. Without heating or cooling flowing in the space, the smell just says in the bathroom. I have gotten now where I open the small window in the bathroom to allow natural ventilation in there. Even with this, the bleach smell is super strong. I always feel I am going to die since the bleach gets me coughing and my eyes watering. I get where I can barely breathe and see the air quality is so contaimied. Every now and then I will stick my head out the window to get fresh air. If I let the HVAC into the space, it would not be so bad. But then the smell would be all over the place. I am willing to take a little coughing to keep the rest of the household safe.


Cooling specialist