Climate control under the stars

The six year anniversary is called the Iron anniversary.

Traditionally this is because each year has a certain gift item attached to it.

The paper anniversary up through gold and diamond, every year is supposed to be commemorated with a different substance. I happen to think Iron sounds pretty cool but that is mostly because I am so into Game of Thrones. The Iron Anniversary seems like something they would do on that show, and it would be awesome. We are going to have an awesome time of our own, in the most amazing cabin I could find for us. This isn’t just some air conditioned cabin on the beach, oh no, this one has glass ceilings and walls. There are blinds you can draw for privacy, of course, but you can open it up and literally spend a day on the beach in an air conditioned glass house. At night you can look up at the stars and feel just like you are outside, except that you have complete climate control! The weekend is going to be great and we don’t even have to do anything, it’s like the best of both worlds with the view of a lifetime and constant AC to offset the oppressive heat. The humidity and air quality, even on the beach, is deplorable, which makes this kind of glass house all the more perfect for how we want to celebrate our anniversary. Glass walls can’t have much insulation, so it must cost a small fortune for the constant cooling this place must always need.


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