Church helper

Most of my friends dont know this, but I regularly attend church each week. My family always stressed the importance of fellowship, and I grew up attending church every Sunday. My parents always made my brother and I wear a jacket and a tie. My sister had to wear the same frilly dress with sunflowers and angels. I’m sure God doesn’t care if we wore a tie, jacket, or a dress, but mom and dad sure did. After church, we always had a nice family lunch at Cracker Barrel. I’m a grown up now, but I still think it’s important to have fellowship. My hubby and I attend church every Sunday. A lot of our family and friends attend church on Wednesday as well, but the kids are busy with sports during the week. My hubby and I don’t make our boys wear a shirt and tie, but we insist that they do wear something with a collar. Last month, the church had a problem the AC unit. An hour before church, they lost all power to the AC unit. Since I am a church deacon and an HVAC technician, they called us to ask for help. My hubby and I left for church early, so I could check on the AC problems. I wasn’t able to fix the AC, because the problem was an electrical issue. I did recommend a friend of mine to fix the problem. He works for an electric company that does alot of work with our HVAC company. By the evening service, the AC problems were all resolved.

HVAC rep