Choosing custom furniture for living room

I have an enormous but rather odd-shaped living room.

  • It’s very difficult to arrange the space for both comfort and aesthetics.

We need enough seating for our family of five, and we like to have guests over from time to time. We spend a lot of time in the living room, so I need furniture that is durable yet comfortable. Plus, the seating configuration has to provide everyone with an obstructed view of the television. Between the big windows, many doorways and fireplace, I’ve had no luck finding a living room set at a big box store. I ended up investing a lot more money into custom built furniture. I was initially upset about the much higher cost. However, as the process progressed, I quickly realized the difference in quality. The furniture craftsman questioned me extensively to determine my exact requirements, preferences and goals. We discussed the square footage and traffic patterns of the room. We debated over a sectional couch, recliners, coffee tables and an entertainment center. I had input into every detail, from the height of the furniture to the depth. It took me forever to choose a color and texture of fabric. There were finishing touches such as the shape of the arms and legs and rivets along the seams that made all the difference in the appearance. The furniture took quite awhile to complete, but it will last a lifetime. My living room furniture is beautiful. Anyone who visits our house comments on it. I love that it’s also stain and fade resistance. We can use the couch and chairs without worry over causing damage from normal wear and tear.
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