Choosing a plan

At first glance, anyone might suppose that my lake house is small, though we’ve added on to the rear part of it, & that really makes it quite big; it used to ust have a few bedrooms, but now we have four of them, plus a new living space. My husband & I decided to do this after we both had our second child because, because the two of us wanted an extra room so that our kids could have their own room to be in, while we could still have our own office space. That office turned out pretty nice, & when it was added in, the both of us made sure to expand our Heating, Ventilation, & A/C unit too,because we both know that there was just no way the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C unit would be able to cool any more square footage in the house. When the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C unit was swapped, we made sure that the new unit had zone control installed. This was especially important because we wanted to be able to specifically set the temperatures for different rooms in the house. We would save a lot of money since we should never to run the air conditioner throughout the entire lake house when we’re both only ever using a couple of rooms; and with our two kids, saving that kind of money is very important to us, which is why the both of us chose to plan so far ahead with this. The renovations really weren’t very easy, but honestly, in the long run, they were well worth it, and now our lake house can hold all of our family inside comfortable, because my husband and I are now able to have full control over the cooling in our home.. I adore our lake house because it ends up suiting all of our needs.

HVAC technology