Chewing on the problems

My boyfriend and I noticed that the heating system in our condo was running far more often than it should be. We were concerned that we had a major draft somewhere in our house, but this wasn’t at all the case. What we realized is that some kind of temperature sensor had gone awry in our thermostat. This was causing the climate control to not acknowledge that the condo had reached the desired temperature and then shut off–it just continued running. So we had to keep turning the oil boiler on and off to keep it from getting too hot, which is really not good for the system. A central heater should always be running, if only on low, its more efficient that way. So we decided to get rid of the old dial thermostat and replace it with a digital programmable model. We knew it would help our condo to use the heating and cooling system more efficiently, but we had no idea just how much. Before, we had to fill the oil heating tank about every two months. Well, now we can go three and a half months without needing to get more oil for the boiler. This is because the programmable thermostat works with our unique needs to both heat the condo and the find the most economic method around our schedule. So the condo is cooler at times, we never noticed it because it only does so when my boyfriend and I are not home. I’m so thrilled with how money we’re saving on our HVAC thanks to a very affordable new thermostat.

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