Checking the heater before fall

Of all the seasons, Fall is by far our family’s favorite. The beautiful colors of the trees and the leaves falling everywhere are such amazing things to experience.  I’ve always loved raking up huge piles of leaves to jump into and scatter back all around the yard, and throwing them up into the air and enjoying the lovely colors. Fall afternoons are the perfect temperature too, a nice cool, crisp breeze, but clear sunny skies to so that there’s a bit of warmth too. The only disadvantage to Fall is when the sunshine goes down, and that dusk breeze starts to bite at you and send you into fits of shivers. Heading in at night to a nice and warm, cozy house for some cocoa and a movie is a great way to end a Fall day. Unless of course you forget to have your oil furnace tested before having to switch from blasting freezing air for the Summer to heating things up. That bad burning aroma can fill the entire home in minutes, making you nauseous and telling you, you messed up on forgetting those repairs. Two years in a row, we made this mistake and ended up having to switch the oil furnace off and just use the fireplace to keep warm for the night.  Although it’s nice to have the family camped out together in the living room, curled up by the fire, we really would prefer our own beds. We surely make it a point now to schedule those important services for our HVAC system to avoid these issues and keep our home comfortable all year around.

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