Checking my thermostat

Jared and I have been married for over forty-five years now, and we both recently retired from teaching.  Both of us have always loved to travel and camp. Now because of our age, we aren’t able to go tent camping like we once could.  However we knew we still wanted to find a way to go camping. After much thought, we decided to sell our home and buy a RV. Our plan is to travel across the United States and stay at the best camping sights that we find.   In our RV we will travel further West in the Wintertime, down South to the beach in the Spring, up North in the Summer, plus out East in the Fall. So far we have really enjoyed our travels. Our RV was recently updated, and it is absolutely sleek and nice. The two of us haven’t had any mechanical trouble with it.  However we did have a slight concern a few weeks ago! It was about time for bed when we observed the RV was getting pretty hot and stuffy. Jared checked the temperature control, and it was set for seventy as usual. The A/C just didn’t seem to run well at this time. The next day, the two of us ended up calling the guy that sold it to u to see if he knew what the problem might be. Thankfully he did, but he explained to my spouse what to do, and the A/C was back on within just a few hours. I was so cheerful. I have spent plenty of days in a RV without AC, and I surely didn’t want to have to go through that again. Jared and I were so cheerful to now have working A/C for the amount of traveling that we would be doing.

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