Checking for a/c repairs

Springtime recently arrived.  The weather is warm and the warm air and sunshine is a welcome relief from the cold overcast of Summer. The tulips and daffodils are blooming and it was quite satisfying to be rewarded for enduring the Winter cold with a bright new Spring.  But as me and my family well knows, what follows Springtime is Summer and the heat and humidity will force us inside just as the cold had in the Winter. My wife reminded me that it was time to get the central air conditioning system checked out before the Summertime arrived.  I usually tend to remember this need and get it done but there are times when I forget and the heat wave comes without us having gotten our annual maintenance. So I called our local HVAC repair dealer. Their number was on a sticker that was on our gas furnace and A/C system in the basement.  So I always know where to find the number. I called to schedule an appointment for a few days later. The HVAC repairman did a thorough check of our air conditioning system. He cleaned the compressor outside and did adjustments to our system that kept it running smoothly all Summertime. The repair service usually has a special price for a tune up and an even better deal for a biannual service plan: once appointment for the A/C and another in the fall for the gas furnace.  This is a good way to avoid a surprise problem at the most inopportune time.

a/c tune up