Changing the thermostat

I married Alexis who is a do-it-yourself type of gal.  Alexis was consistently interested in repairing each thing that seemed to be broken or would go in the next day or so.  Alexis was a repair girl by nature. It seemed like she was always looking to modify or better something even if it honestly didn’t need it.  I could tell my girl Alexis was on the hunt to fix or replace something as my lady strolled through the home checking every piece of my HVAC unit.  Alexis would start her trip in the laundry room. Then, my lady would check to see if the dryer was drying the clothes well enough. The family room was the next thing she looked at.  Once she was sure that the fridge and cooler was humming just right she moved on. This week the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method was on her list. This was our 1st condo so she was downright pumped to make sure that our heating and cooling system method had all the service and preventive maintenance that it needed to run the way it needed to.  I knew that this unit was nice for her since every one of us had previously lived in smaller lofts. But I became sad when she began to do an internet search on how to do the repair on our particular heating and cooling system. It began small enough. Alexis checked the air ducts for mold, mildew or debris build up. It appeared, from what she told me, that the older owners had done a good task with keeping the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method clean and wiped down.

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