Changing gears in life

My brother had spent a lot of money going to college and was studying to be a business manager. After several thousands of dollars and graduating, he never could get the job he went to school for, like most today in the united states of america. So, my brother actually had another interest, which was to become a certified heating and cooling specialist! Since he was a boy, he had always been interested in the HVAC industry and heating as well as cooling technology. Following the big let down of all that time wasted in college, he decided to go to a local school to get his official certification in heating and cooling repair! This actually was not a waste of time and money, as well as it fully paid off in the end! The local heating and cooling company hired him within a few weeks of his completing the courses at the local school. Today, my brother makes really close to six figures a year being a very busy and very smart local heating and cooling repair specialist. The company he works for is one of the biggest heating and cooling companies within the city we live in as well. My brother has also helped us out and others in our family when we have had air conditioning or heating issues with our own heating and cooling systems. My brother has saved me and others in my family several hundreds of dollars over the years from servicing our heating and cooling repair needs at no cost whatsoever! We have offered to pay him, and he just smiles and says no need. What a nice brother I have!

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