Change your air filter before the summer comes

It’s important that you stay on top of your HVAC units, especially when the seasons are changing.

I am someone that is always taking care of my HVAC system year round, but I know that not everybody has the time to do that.

That is why I recommend at least checking up on your system when the seasons change because HVAC units can go through a lot when the seasons change. If you have an HVAC unit that is outside than it is subject to the changing of humidity and temperatures which can really mess with the various HVAC parts inside. My HVAC system had many problems which I wasn’t used to when I first moved to the south. The extreme humidity caused a lot of the HVAC parts in my fairly new AC unit to go bad and the HVAC technician had to explain everything to me. He told me that at a minimum it is important to change the air filters when the seasons change, but really you should be doing it every two months or more depending on how dirty the air filters are. I check my AC unit every month, just to make sure that nothing is wrong. I have come to realize that doing preventative maintenance on anything related to HVAC really saves you a lot of time and money. If you can catch a problem with your air conditioner before it becomes a huge deal it’s likely you will only need to replace some HVAC parts, instead of having to get an entirely new HVAC system. If you aren’t sure what to do in order to take care of your HVAC system you can simply call your HVAC technician and they should be able to go over everything with you.

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