Certified HVAC service

There are some things people should tell you before you buy a new home. I should elaborate here that our new home is new to me – not a newly constructed house. I purchased our home back in 2010, and I have dealt with all sorts of little things that nobody tells you about! Insulation deteriorates over time – did you know that, because I sure didn’t. I haven’t had to deal with that particular problem yet, but I’m sure that if I live to be old enough, I might have to eventually. Another problem that you are just supposed to know about is dirty air quality, which is an important thing to monitor. The air you are breathing in your new home should be clean, so if it isn’t you need to do something about it like cleaning it yourself or calling a professional. The first spot to check if your new home is actually dusty would be the air filter, which is a removable part of your Heating and A/C system. It works to trap dust and particles coming in through the furnace or a/c before they can get into your home. Many believe the air filter only needs to be changed out once a year, however when I looked up our particular unit model, I found that it was closer to bimonthly! The difference is quite noticeable, too, so I can tell you it’s definitely not a nickel-and-dime tactic. You’re also supposed to get the entire system looked at twice a year by a certified Heating and A/C professional to make sure everything is nominal with the equipment. Again, most people don’t even think about that, and only call an Heating and A/C service company if there is something wrong. I won’t be like most people though – I love having good air quality in my home, so I’ll put up with the new responsibilities to maintain a clean home!

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