Central HVAC issues

My son’s new apartment is simply fantastic.  When he moved to the city, I was a bit worried.  We live in the country, on a dairy farm. There’s open land and privacy.  We enjoy peace and quiet. I knew a lot of challenges would come along with living in city.  As his mom, I stressed over crime and violence. My son assured me that he would be OK. He wasn’t moving into the projects or a bad neighborhood.  He chose an upscale apartment in a highrise building. He has a doorman who makes sure that anybody coming and going actually belongs there. Anyway, my son encountered an issue with the apartment when he first moved.  He lives on the twenty-second floor of the building. The apartment has huge windows and a great view. Unfortunately, none of these window open. His apartment is entirely temperature controlled. Coming from living in the country and enjoying lots of fresh air and sunshine, this took some getting used to.  He can adjust the thermostat, but he can’t bring in any outside, fresh air. He can’t even choose between heating or cooling. The building management determines when it’s time for the heating system to run and when to change over to cooling. My son has added an air purifier to his apartment. He doesn’t entirely trust the stale, indoor air without any ventilation. He worries about breathing in air contaminants.  The portable air purifier traps dust, pollen, dander and even helps to combat bad smells. We recently spend a weekend visiting and staying at his apartment and I appreciated the air purifier.

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