Central ac having an issue

I feel I’m the type of person that really has to experience something for myself to really learn from it. For instance, back when I was a kid, I l gained how sizzling the stove was when I touched it for myself! This is actually something I never did again, at least not on purpose. I have of course burned myself on stoves again however that was accidental. When I first bought a home when I was a little older, and l gained the taxing way that you have to change or clean the air filters in your Heating and Air Conditioning system respectfully. Nobody ever told me a thing about increasing out air filters, however this was a fancy lesson! My condo has become so dusty and the air quality was really bad. I didn’t even believe what to do until a friend of mine came over and said that the air quality was really awful and I badly needed to change out the air filter. I l gained from our neighbor that I needed a great deal more than that though. I needed to call up the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier very respectfully to have our Heating and Air Conditioning system tuned up so it would be a nice thing to go for the Winter season and Summer weeks. While he told me I should do that, I still didn’t listen. I figured our Heating and Air Conditioning system would be utterly fantastic with me increasing out the air filters. Sure enough, one Winter season night our furnace died completely. I had to scramble to hook up some space oil heating systems and then called up the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. I had to wait 3 long afternoons before they were able to come out to service our furnace. It was another one of those things I simply had to experience for myself.