The more I go to the gym the more I get to do

The local gym is anything but just a muscle head spot anymore.

I don’t know just when all this happened because I went about 25 years between gym visits.

When I went to the local gym back in the day, it was all about trying to be a cool guy. All we did was go there for weight lifting. As I wasn’t exactly a jock, it never really appealed to me. So once that first gym membership was complete, I stuck to sports for my workout plans. But, as I have aged, I found that my joints were just not as up to all the pounding I was taking with my athletic pursuits. However, just walking wasn’t getting it done for me either. That’s what first got me to take a look at a health and fitness center. I thought a health and fitness center was a fancy name for a weight lifting local gym. My wife dragged me with her anyway. What I found at the local gym were certified fitness experts who were there to really help me maintain my health and wellness. They showed me so many workout plans and nutritional programs that would allow me to achieve my personal wellness and fitness goals. The personal training staff, as well as the nutritional counseling, put together an initial plan. Upon purchasing the gym membership, these people really went out of their way to help me with all of the goals I had in mind. I’m so glad I went with my wife to the health and fitness center all those months ago. I feel good and am on my way to feeling great.


Certified gym

New outlook on health has been a game changer for me

I never thought I would be looking forward to going to the gym.

That is something that was not any part of my make up. In fact, I have loathed exercise for most of my life. Growing up, the gym was not for me at all. I felt weird and uncomfortable in there most of the time. So, after an introductory gym membership, I gave up on it. That was the last time I went to the local gym in more than 20 years. Now, I realize that getting into health and wellness are a very important part of my overall wellbeing. My friend and I tried to do the daily walking thing. It went okay for a while. But, then the weather turned and we gave up on it. She didn’t totally give up like I did. My friend went to the health and fitness center nearby to keep up with the walking on a treadmill. Once there, she really got into yoga, weight lifting. She also took complete advantage of all the group fitness training classes as well. I saw her some months later and I was thrown by how much she had changed. It wasn’t like she was a fitness model. But by going to the local gym, she had been totally revitalized and was just full of energy. That was enough for me. The next week, I went to the health and fitness center to see what all was going on. After a tour of the facilities and an introduction to the certified fitness experts, I bought a gym membership right there.

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Getting to the gym helps with balance of life

Man, it’s two months later and I’m so glad I took the chance and signed up for a gym membership

I was never really a work out sort of person. While I do enjoy athletic outdoor activities, I would not have classified myself as an athlete of any sort. However, I like feeling good and part of that is to treat your body right. So when my friend encouraged me to use some guest passes to the gym, I wasn’t so sure. But, with a little coaxing, I decided to give the health and fitness center a try. I was amazed by my first experience in this local gym. I thought there would be just a bunch of people running on treadmills and weight lifting. Instead, what I found was a whole community that was into taking care of their bodies so they could enjoy life to the fullest. It was a great first experience. No one was pushy or tried to sign me up right away. It was so nice that I ended up sharing my thoughts about it with a colleague the next day. Her face lit up because she too had just joined a local gym and was excited to get into health and wellness. She showed me that I could take advantage of a corporate wellness program that would pay nearly all of my gym membership fees. This just blew my mind and was further indication that I should go back to the local gym to discuss a gym membership. Man, it’s two months later and I’m so glad I took the chance and signed up for a gym membership. The corporate wellness program has been great and is picking up nearly 75 percent of the gym membership cost.


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Finding so many things to do at the local gym

It’s sort of funny to realize how much I have actually wanted to have a gym membership.

I certainly didn’t realize it.

But, I was so interested in a multi faceted approach to health and wellness. I wanted to learn about yoga, cross fit, nutritional programs and other health and wellness programs. I just had no clue that I could do this in my local health and fitness center. Just goes to show you what you find out when you explore things a bit more deeply. I figured going to the local gym would be all about weight lifting and shaping the body. Plus, it was intimidating to me to even set foot in the local gym. I am not in great shape and have no real clue how to work out or take full advantage of workout programs. Thankfully, I have a dear friend who had been in the same boat as I was in. She got a gym membership as a birthday gift and was ont all that excited about it. However, she screwed up the nerve to go in there and give that local gym a look. She was amazed to see all the group fitness training classes and the myriad of workout programs. But, what really sold her on the thing was her access to nutritional counseling and personal training. A plan was put into place for her that she could attain. About six months later, she is totally embracing health and wellness. And I’m about to go with her as a guest to see about all those things that I’m interested in. Who knew it was all at my local gym?


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Getting to the gym is my release

I work a lot.

To me, 60 hour weeks are long and tedious.

Additionally, there is just so much stress that goes with my job. It’s day after day of attempting to make chaotic situations better somehow. I feel like I do more putting out fires than I do enaction or executing any sort of strategy. This is why I find it to be imperative that I get to the gym at least 3 or 4 times per week. My gym membership is a saving grace for me. I know I can go to the health and fitness center to release some of my stress. Prior to my gym membership, I tended to blow off steam at the bar. This went on for a few years. However, I found that this was not a very healthy way for me to deal with my stress. My health and wellness suffered due to the drinking. So, that just made the stress of working that much more difficult. A friend of mine, who was dealing with a similar situation, got it through my head to ditch the bars. Instead, my buddy got me to go to his local gym. I was stunned to see so many opportunities to explore health and wellness. My thinking was that there wasn’t much to do at the local gym other than weight lifting. I could not have been more wrong. A gym membership allows me to do far more than weight lifting. My new favorite is the yoga studio. There is nothing that helps me get over a tough day like a 40 minute yoga session followed by a trip to the sauna or the steam room.

Yoga studio

Getting the most from my efforts at the gym

It never fails.

I sign up at the gym with all the intentions of really taking advantage of personal training, nutritional counseling and all manner of work out programs.

It starts great as I meet and engage the various certified fitness experts. They help me devise a plan and I get started. Things go great for about 2 weeks. Then, I start finding just about any excuse not to go back to the local gym. It’s not that I dislike anything about the gym or feel like I’m not getting what I need from the physical training programs. The fact is that I just get lazy. I would rather come home after a long day at work and do nothing. That plan takes way less effort than sticking to a health plan and getting into new stuff like yoga or cross fit. It’s sort of a cycle that I have been through several times in my life. Well this time, I really want and need for me to stick to my efforts. Perhaps lowering my expectations and just shooting for a level of health and wellness that is more realistic. I am certainly not the most patient of individuals, so a bit more commitment is definitely called for on my part. This is all it will really take because I know the gym will hold up their end of the bargain.

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Please, keep at it until it pays off

My sibling John has always been a single of those rowdy boys who jumps around from a single thing to another. It’s been extremely true with his job life, but it’s been even more true with his hobbies! He never really seems to stick with a single thing for absolutely long at all as well as he wastes so much precious money on his odd hobbies. Anyway, his latest interest is beekeeping. He apparently watched a documentary about beekeeping residential services as well as modern honey farms a few months ago as well as it really got his attention. He independently learned quite a bit about beekeeping as well as honey from this particular sort of documentary as well as so that’s when he decided that he wanted to try his best hand at beekeeping. When John first told myself and others about his newest hobby interest, I just rolled our eyes as well as thought that this was just a single additional thing that he was going to be wasting time as well as money on. I guess that these bee raising supplies aren’t cheap, as well as so I asked him how he was planning on personally financing all of this stuff that he was planning on doing. He said that he was simply going to take out a loan as well as then he was going to start a modern honey bee rescue. Once he got all of his honey hives going, he said that he simply was planning on selling local honey as a way to make additional money as well as to finance his interest.

Bumble bee

And they almost made it worse

My mom had a really bad time last week.

She had a flat tire on the family car as well as when she as well as our dad were really working on fixing it, they started to notice that there were lots of random bees flying in as well as out of the rafters on the carport. Now, normally, I believe that wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but these were really big and angry bees as well as there were so multiple of them that they couldn’t really be easily ignored. My mom as well as dad really tried to ignore the bees, but suddenly they realized that they weren’t just regular bees, like honey bees or bumble bees. These were giant yellow jackets as well as they were supremely irritated. They could tell that the bees were very angry by the erratic way that they were flying around as well as the loud and harsh buzzing that they were making. Anyway, instead of finishing the task of getting rid of the flat tire, our mom as well as Mom carefully eased their way back into the family house as well as closed the door behind them! Pretty soon, they said that there were bees coming inside the house through the ventilation method as well as even the dryer vent! My mom freaked out as well as started covering the outdoor vents as well as the windows with towels as well as someplace else that bees could possibly get in. before she could get everything covered up, she got stung twice by these mean yellowjackets! They were able to effectively get the bee extermination specialists on the iphone as well as they came out to get rid of the angry bees instantly.
Yellow Jacket Removal

Not a good renovation discovery

The buzzing definitely was coming from somewhere inside of our walls! There was a big nest of angry bees living inside of our washroom wall as well as the only thing at that moment between myself and others as well as particular death was a thin layer of sheetrock! I instantly called the local bee eradication as well as rescue service

This is going to sound more like it’s something out of a horror story, especially if you are someone who is sincerely afraid of bees the way I am! I have never liked bees, but going through something such as what every one of us had to deal with last Summer would make you scared of any sort of bees even if you weren’t already. Both of us were upstairs, really working hard on remodeling our upstairs washroom, as well as so every one of us was certainly spending a whole lot of time up on the hour floor of the house. Both of us generally aren’t up there, as well as so I believe that’s why every one of us never previously noticed before that there was an unusual discoloration in the exterior wall of the washroom in that space. I continued our job on the washroom remodeling, but you know that at a single point when everything was quiet upstairs, I suddenly started to hear a faint buzzing sound. I put our ear right up against the wall because right away I could tell that’s where the sound seemed to be coming from. That’s when I quickly realized the worst possible thing that I could imagine for someone such as myself and others who are afraid of bees, wasps, as well as yellow jackets. The buzzing definitely was coming from somewhere inside of our walls! There was a big nest of angry bees living inside of our washroom wall as well as the only thing at that moment between myself and others as well as particular death was a thin layer of sheetrock! I instantly called the local bee eradication as well as rescue service. The exterminator came out and got rid of all of the yellow jackets as well as I have never been so damn relieved in all of our life.

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We love getting local wares

Both of us are lucky to currently live in a part of the country where there are a lot of rural areas as well as honored farm markets.

Both of us adore going to honey farms whenever one of us has the spare time, but occasionally every one of us can’t always get out into the country on our own where the honey farms are.

Life gets tied up from time to time as well, so clearly every one of us find it hard to get out on the back roads where you generally find the best kinds of farm markets as well as honey farms. That’s why every one of us is always excited during the summer to go to the farmers’ market that sets up in the historic square downtown every Tuesday in our town. The best honey farm always sends out someone from the farm to set up a table to sell their honey at the farmers’ market. I can tell you, I always look for the big sign that says honey for sale as well as I go straight there from the moment when I get to the farmers’ market until it closes. I have always been interested in beekeeping as well as honey, itself, as well as so usually I strike up a conversation with the people that regularly come from the honey farm to sell their wares. It’s always fun to learn more about the process of beekeeping as well as honey as well as those boys usually guess who I am at this point. They guess that I’m a regular customer. I hope that the amazing local honey farm always sets up at our farm market.


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