Casinos Climate Control

My roommate prefers to gamble.

I am fortunate that I do not have a gambling concern myself.

I would actually say that the guy I live with does have a gambling problem. He only goes when he makes extra money at his job in sales though! When he sells a lot in a month he goes plus usually loses it at the casino near us! I periodically go along for the ride plus the fun. The casino is not fancy, but they treat the customer right. The drinks have a lot of alcohol in them, the food is cheap, plus the Heating and Air Conditioning plan in there is always blasting. That last thing is helpful in the summer time or the winter. When it is summer, the air-conditioner in there is going to be making the place cool. In the winter, of course the furnace is going full throttle. It is a good way to have a few drinks cheap from our point of view. I can be in perfect indoor comfort, plus for free… Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning systems do not mess around in the summer time or winter, plus a casino is way more exciting than going to a hotel or a mall, however my neighbor is pretty sure they have an air purification plan in it too. He says that is common, because they care about to pump extra oxygen into the rooms in order to wake the gamblers up. In the summer time plus winter, the place is actually busier than in the Springtime or fall. The public want their free Heating and Air Conditioning plus cheap drinks. But a lot of them lose the money they save gambling.

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