Can’t ride a bike-don’t have the muscles for it

I have gotten into bike riding recently.

When I moved down south the first thing I wanted was a bike.

I get to save on gas, stay in the sunshine and also be physically fit. I thought I would be so active and lose a bunch of weight due to biking. I got a speaker that hooks right to my handle bars. I have a holder for my phone so I can change music when I want. I additionally clipped a water bottle holder to the front of my bike as well. I even fitted lights on the back and sides so I can ride at night. After all this gear was put on, I realized that I suck at biking. My hands hurt from leaning so far forward on the bike. My butt aches by the end of an hour ride. I also have no strength in my legs at all to push. I don’t think I know how to properly change gears and handle a bike. I thought I would go into a gym and try stationary and stand up bikes. I could build the muscles and get to riding. The only gym in my town is a core progression one. This is a personal training center though. I have to do a fitness class in order to attend. I don’t know if I want to do this. It seems sort of silly to pay for a class to gain muscles in order to ride a bike. I could just keep on riding hoping I toughen up in my weak areas.


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