Can’t bake without any a/c

Baked ziti has been the dinner I make best for years. Whenever someone comes over, they always ask that I make it. When my folks comes to visit, they usually has me make it twice. Once when they first came into town, and once before they leave. They think it’s the best ever. I think they are just being kind, because they’re my mom and dad. I’ll definitely take the compliment though. A few weeks ago, my sister came in for a few days. She stayed with my folks, but came over for dinner on Saturday night. As usual, the normal request for baked ziti was made. I was happy to do my sister’s request. I did the shopping early in the day, so I could spend the day prepping my meal. When I got home from the supermarket, the house was extremely hot. The HVAC system wasn’t working! The thermostat was stills set at 75 degrees, but I could only feel hot air coming out of the air ducts! Must have been 80 degrees in here! I contacted our local heating and cooling contractor. I explained the problem, and they fit me into the schedule. The heating and cooling repair appointment was scheduled for 2:45, and my sister was arriving at 5pm. That didn’t leave a lot of time for prepwork and cleaning. Sadly, it was too hot to do anything until the HVAC system could be fixed. I managed to get dinner in the oven, with only a few minutes to spare.

air conditioner set up