Can your AC stand up to heavy wind and rain

I live in an area where summer means weather turmoil. One moment it can bright and sunny and the next moment we have high winds, heavy rain, thunder, lightning and hail. Then half an hour later the sun is out again. The humidity is outrageous and the temperature soars after these storms. The storms can be very dangerous too. In our area they have made it a law that no one is allowed to be in the ocean from the moment the first hint of thunder arrives until a couple hours after the last bit of thunder. The air conditioning systems get quite a workout down here. The humidity and heat makes them need to work harder to keep up with the load that is put on them. It seems that all we do every afternoon, is sit in the house and relax while waiting to see if your air conditioning is going to hold up through the next storm. I don’t worry so much about it because I have a new air conditioning system. It is made to withstand just about any type of weather conditions. It has a good dehumidifier built right in. Even when the temperature is in the upper nineties and the humidity is so high that it looks like your windows are raining, my air conditioning unit is still running well. My energy bill may go up a bit, but I can still rely on the air conditioner. I’m sure not everyone can so that they can count on their air conditioning under any conditions.

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