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A few years ago, I was thinking about how I could change my life for the better. I wanted to be able to eliminate things from my weekly routine that made me suppose unhappy. After thinking about it for quite some time, I was thinking it would be great to spend more time with my family plus children. I also thought about how much the commute to plus from labor made me unhappy. I always had to be commuting over an minute total each afternoon, occasionally longer depending on traffic, however even during bad weather, care about bad rain storms plus snowstorms, I had to go out there plus risk my life in those bad driving conditions. There were times when I would have to call off labor because of a bad snowstorm, although I would try not to miss too much work. Then the thought came to me that I could try working from home. I finally decided to do that plus now I have my own office in my condo plus I have so much more time with my family plus kids. I decided to update the HVAC system to HVAC zone control. I realize that my family plus I have different temperature control preferences plus with me being condo all the time, I thought this was absolutely important for us. I also decided to install a smart control unit so everybody could really access the HVAC remotely from their cell PCs or tablets. These past few years working from condo have been appealing plus I wish I could have done this sooner. I can’t even tell you how much stress was relieved by eliminating the commute from my weekly routine!

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