Can I go to a marijuana dispensary without a prescription?

I told her all about all the medication I was taking for our depression.

With marijuana recently being legalized for medical intents and purposes, I wanted to find out if pot was going to do the task for me. I was going to get a prescription, but I hesitated. At the very last second, I couldn’t say anything to the doctor. I was afraid he would guess of myself and others as a stoner, a pothead or worse, that he would treat myself and others prefer I had a drug problem. I decided to find out if I could stroll into any marijuana store plus ask questions without having a prescription in hand. I made a decision to venture out plus find a marijuana store near me. I walked into a marijuana dispensary, expecting someone to come forward plus instantaneously ask for our medicinal prescription. Instead, I had a young woman smile at myself and others from behind her counter. She informed myself and others that she was available if I had any questions. I snatched up some pamphlets plus I tucked them in our money clip. When I noticed she was enjoying me, I asked if that would be okay? She waved myself and others to the counter plus asked what I was looking for. I told her all about all the medication I was taking for our depression. I had heard talk of how marijuana could help myself and others with our depression, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sample it. I wanted some reassurance before I spent the money to get our prescription plus the legal permit to buy medical marijuana. By the time I left the marijuana dispensary, our mind was a bit more at ease. She even gave myself and others a sample of CBD gummies plus tincture to test.

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