Camping indoors

My sons are five and seven years old. While they love the idea of being out in the wild, soaking in the sunshine and exploring the nearby woods, they’re also a couple of little kids—they aren’t going to enjoy being on a campsite when they’re being eaten by mosquitos and run out of things to do by noon! So, rather than run the risk of dealing with a couple of crybabies out in the middle of nowhere, I decided that my boys and I would go camping in the comfort of our backyard. Well, a few hours into that, they wound up hating the bugs so much that they resolved to camp indoors in our living room. I wasn’t going to force my boys to stay outside, so I decided to let it be and go in with them. I’ll admit, having the cool air conditioning on our skin after being outside in the hot sun all day was a sweet relief. Plus, with the great seals on windows and doors, as well as the air purifier that ran to keep all airborne pollutants out of the house, my boys and I came to prefer sleeping in a tent in our own living room! While the boys were sleeping in the tent, I quietly snuck out to the kitchen to grab a snack. On the way back to the tent, I decided to turn up the intensity of the A/C system. Not by much, but just enough for them to feel noticeably colder! Doing that added a little layer of realism, as I also set up a small space heater on the outside of the tent. While doing this, I played the sounds of a crackling fire on my phone to simulate a real campsite. I think my boys loved this camping trip the most—even if it was entirely indoors.